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We Are Not Broken – Godless in Dixie

This is a very good article by Niel that touches on two of the most fundemental doctrines of Christianity that I just can't agree with. The doctrine of "Original Sin" and the doctrine of "The Total Deprevity of Man". I find the Biblical justification and proof texts for these doctrines to be quite weak. Although Niel doesn't discuss the doctrines per se, he does touch on another reason I fully disagree with these doctrines... I find them to be an unhealthy way of looking at yourself and can be quite damaging towards certain people's self-perception... via We Are Not Broken - Godless in Dixie


The Real Roots of Our Beliefs – Godless in Dixie

"Our most deeply held beliefs are not fundamentally intellectual. They are emotional, and they are social. That goes for religious beliefs and it goes for political leanings as well. In fact, the same thing can be said for just about any other bedrock belief structure we can have."

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