I am an atheist…

But, like so many other atheists, I grew up in a religious home in a very religious country. My journey towards unbelief was not an easy one. My “coming out”, even harder. And finding my way as an atheist in a very religious environment has been the hardest struggle of all. This blog is primarily for me, something I can use to help me deal with my daily journey. A place where I can write down my thoughts, give my opinion on things that interest me, and serve as an outlet for me to express what’s going on inside of me. And if it happens to inspire, help or spark a thought in someone else that would be a bonus.

I am also married and have two kids. My wife is still a believer. She knows I am atheist and we have had many discussions on religion and the role it will play in our family. My kids don’t know I am atheist yet. The decision not to tell them I took together with my wife. This blog is also to chronicle my journey as a parent in a mixed-faith marriage. Hopefully one day my kids can read it and see the journey I have been on.

I will primarily write about religion and my thoughts on religion. Most probably Christianity. I grew up in Christian home who attend a Protestant denomination. During my university years I started attending a Charismatic Church and spend eleven years in that church. Later in life I became part of the Messianic Movement, and led a home church group with my best friend. My parents have been in Christian ministry for more than twenty years and I worked with them in their ministry for six years. Thus, Christianity is part of who I am and the religion I understand the best. Therefore, most of my posts will be about Christianity as a religion and my thoughts on it.

I will also write about atheism, and my thoughts and experiences on atheism as a movement. I will write about politics, philosophy, life in general and everything else that might interest me. If you are reading this blog, I hope you will find something that resonates with you and spark a thought or two within you.